As a shellfish and crustaceans fishing and processing company we at Lenger Seafoods recognise the importance of sustainable and ecological fisheries. Lenger takes its responsibilities seriously by working with sustainably operating suppliers, supporting the programmes of the FAO for sustainable fishing and adhering to the FAO's code for responsible fishing and the MSC standard for sustainable fishing.

Lenger Seafoods' operates according to fishing plans in which it is decided what may be caught, where, when and for how long. These fishing plans are put together using data records, the amount of shellfish present and the relevant regulations. 

Lenger Seafoods also strives for as little wastage as possible in the production process and constantly searches for recycling methods of raw materials.

With its new project in Vietnam Lenger Seafoods demonstrates in practice that it provides a tangible contribution to the conservation of historic fishing grounds and more specifically those for shellfish and crustaceans.