The Lenger family from Harlingen have been active in the shellfish industry for over 90 years when they fished for herring and anchovy. Later they started to farm mussels and we began to fish on cockles on the Wadden Sea. Today Lenger Seafoods stands for fishing, cultivation, processing and marketing of traditional and sustainable fished shellfish - and crustaceans like cockles, mussels, razor clams, scallops, whelks, oysters, langoustines and much more. Export of frozen, chilled, fresh and preserved products goes worldwide into retail, foodservice - and industrial markets.

For its headquarters the Group chose Yerseke, the shellfish centre of northern Europe with fast distribution to the main markets in Europe. In Harlingen Lenger has developed a strong shellfish production and a large storage facility with close distance to the source. These two locations ensure that Lenger is active in what for centuries have been the two most important shellfish grounds in the Netherlands, the Easterscheldt and the Wadden Sea.

Lenger Seafoods recognises the need for clarity, both internal as well as external. The transparent company structure guarantees clarity in communication with clients at all levels. You are always connected by a direct line to their personnel, many of whom have a fisheries background and all have extensive knowledge of the products that we bring on the market.

Some facts about the Lenger Seafoods Group:

- Founded in Harlingen 1925
- Family Lenger, 90 years in shellfish business
- 250 employees
- Brands; LENGERs and Du Nord


Lenger Seafoods works from 2 locations in the Netherlands. Fresh landed shellfish and crustaceans are processed in Yerseke and Harlingen.

The Lenger Seafoods Group of Companies operates in:

Yerseke and Harlingen, The Netherlands
King’s Lynn, UK
Burry Port and Penclawdd, South Wales
Warrenpoint and Kilkeel, Nothern Ireland
Boulogne sur Mer, France
Nam Dinh, North Vietnam