Whelks, Bulots,

Buccinum undatum

Buccinum undatum is a marine snail species often referred to as the common whelk. It occurs widespread in northern Atlantic waters from shallow coastal waters to the seafloor of very deep waters. It feeds on marine invertebrates such as worms and bivalves. It is known to follow sea stars predating on bivalves and scavenge the leftovers. Buccinum undatum is fished for in northwestern Europe, Canada and Russia. It is caught as bycatch by bottom trawling but is also fished for specifically using baited traps. Lenger Seafoods whelks originate from the UK and France and are exclusively caught by baited traps. These are traditional, sustainable fisheries functioning without bottom disturbance. Some of these even carry MSC certification. There is a strict size limit to protect the stocks and grading is done onboard so that undersized whelks can immediately be returned to sea. The live whelks are landed daily and transported directly to the Lenger Seafoods processing facilities in the UK or in Holland for immediate processing. Various presentations are available:

FAO 61
Presentation: Packaging format
Fresh pasteurized shell on: Tray
Fresh cooked shell on: Tray, MAP
IQF cooked shell on: Bulk, Tray, Poly Bag
IQF raw shell on: Bulk, Tray, Poly Bag
IQF cooked meat: Poly Bag
Fresh cooked meat: MAP
IQF raw meat: Bulk
Brined: Plastic tub