Wedge Clams,
Tellinas, Coquinas,
Telline, Lupini

Donax trunculus

Donax trunculus, is a small bivalve clam from the family of Donacidae, the wedge clams. It is easily recognized by its unusual asymmetric shell shape. It can grow up to a shell length of nearly 4 centimeters but is usually found much smaller. This species is adapted to living in shallow waters off sandy beaches. It can migrate on waves and tidal currents and can burry back into the sand within seconds. Donax trunculus is found widespread in along European coasts but usually not in dense populations. It It is a valuable species and fished in most of its range with artisanal hand gear from the beach or from small shallow boats. The Lenger Seafoods wedge clams are fished by hand from pristine sandy beaches of scarcely inhabited regions of the Western Black Sea coastline. This fishery is strictly regulated by fishing permits, minimum landing sizes and a closed spawning season.

The daily catches are transported directly from the fishing grounds to the Lenger Seafoods de-sanding and processing facility in Bulgaria. Various presentations are available:

FAO 37
Presentation: Packaging format
IQF: Bulk, Poly Bag, Tray
Fresh Alive: Net, Tray
Frozen Precooked: Vacuum bag