Surf Clams

Almejas Blancas
del Norte,
Ameijoas Dourada

The genus Spisula belongs to the family of Mactridae, which has a worldwide distribution and its members are sometimes referred to as surf clams. The surf clam, Spisula subtruncata, is a smaller species with a maximum shell length of about 35 mm. The species name subtruncata refers to its asymmetric shell shape. The raw material is fished by our own vessels on the North Sea in Holland, the season goes whole year round except for the closed period in May and June. The Dutch Spisula fishery takes place in the Dutch coastal zone, which is the coastal area shallower than 20 m below NAP within the Dutch waters (12 mile zone). The fishery is under strict control of the ministry of fisheries, by permits, fishing plans and quota based on yearly stock surveys. After the catch the clams are transported by truck to our modern de-sanding systems in Harlingen or Yerseke with a total capacity of 250 tons per day. In our modern IFS/BRC certified factories we are processing the Spisula subtruncata in various presentations:

FAO 27
Presentation: Packaging format
Fresh Alive: Net, Tray
IQF: Raw Shell on Bulk, Poly Bag
IQF: Cooked Meat Bulk, Poly Bag
Preserved: Can
Juice: Can, Bottle, Pouch