Hard Shell

Almejas del Pacifco, Ameijoas Vietnamitas, Vongole del Pacifico

Meretrix is a genus of venus clams sometimes referred to as Pacific hard shell clams. Meretrix lyrata is readily distinguishable from other Meretrix species by its beautifully contrasting shell color patterns. It is a widespread species in southeast Asia where its larger populations are generally found in river delta habitats. The culture and consumption of this species in Vietnam is a tradition that dates back centuries. In the last decades the traditional methods of wild seed collection have been largely replaced by modern seed production in hatcheries improving both output and sustainability of the Vietnamese production. Lenger Seafoods operates its own modern ISF certified processing plant in Nam Dinh City, Vietnam. This location lies at the heart of the Red River delta, the largest hard shell clam farming area of Vietnam. Quality clam supply is assured by long term cooperation with selected farmers. Certification of the farming process is currently being completed.

Clams are depurated and processed with a capacity of 60 tons per day. Various presentations are available:

Meretrix lyrata
FAO 61
Presentation: Packaging format
Fresh Alive: Tray
Frozen Precooked Shell On: Vacuum Bag
IQF Precooked Shell On: Bulk, Poly Bag
IQF Cooked Meat: Bulk, Poly Bag
Preserved: Can