Atlantic Surf

Almejas Blancas con Casca, Ameijoas Brancas com Casca

The genus Spisula belongs to the family of Mactridae, which has a worldwide distribution and its members are sometimes referred to as surf clams. Spisula solida, is a larger species of surf clam with a maximum shell length of about 55 mm. The species name refers to its heavy and strong shell. The species is highly valued due to its excellent flavor and lightly colored shell and meat. Spisula solida is found widespread in Atlantic waters but usually does not occur in dense populations. It is often found in exposed and sandy coastal waters. Due to their dynamic habitat, local population sizes of this species can be highly variable in time. Storms, river runoff and hot summer weather have been reported to cause mortality as well as migrating behavior in Spisula solida populations. Clams are depurated and processed with a capacity of 60 tons per day. Various presentations are available:

FAO 27
Presentation: Packaging format
IQF: Raw Shell on Bulk, Poly Bag
IQF: Cooked Meat Bulk, Poly Bag
Preserved: Can